Which are the different Types of Skiing?

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Skiing is one of the most popular type of sport that activates the muscles as it supports the cardiovascular exercise. This sport controls the blood pressure along with maintains the stress level of an individual. It plays out an imperative role in effacing out the bad or negative cholesterol out of the body so you enjoy fresh start for long years and so. This kind of sport is practice mostly in the winter season – February month. So this winter do not hibernate instead go for skiing and improve your health at the helm. You can definitely call us for Whistler ski packages. We at Travel Plan has varieties of packages with different amenities or so to fulfil your requirements for skiing trip. Here we have discussed about different types of skiing technique that is performed differently in different countries. 

Downhill Skiing

This type of sport is also known as an Alpine Skiing. It is considered as one of the most popular type of skiing. With downhill skiing, you slide over the mountain and ski over the top of it. This type of skiing is prominently used by the specialist person or expert who knows well how to fix the boot in case of sliding over and above the mountain. 

Borderless skiing – most used skiing technique

In border less or cross country skiing, the skiers choose to ski above the mountains without involving any lifts or so. It is one of the most demanding style as it is available at low cost. A skier is not supposed to pay for the passes of lift. He must wear a soft based boot while cross country and make sure the heel is not adhered with the ski activity. They are practiced largely over the terrain exploring the majestic sceneries of the world. You can anytime contact Travel Plan to know the best packages for a perfect skiing trip. They are reliable and trustworthy. 

Skiing with freestyle 

Freestyle skiing is considered as one of the most competitive sport among the sportsman, athletes and sport enthusiasts. They perform common stunts and spins with freestyle and allure the audiences to show their flexibility. For an instance, an expert skier performs – acro, big air twists and turns, spin offs, dual moguls and aerials. It represents the stability and sturdiness of an individual skier when comes to freestyle skiing. 

Telemarked Skiing

Telemarked skiing is a quite risky by nature. It is performed by those who are specialised in skiing from down the hills to the back and fro. These skiers smoothly perform telemarked skiing even without attaching their heel to the ground. This represents their elasticity at the helm. 

An Adaptive type of Skiing

This kind of skiing supports the one who are physically challenged. They registered their name in adaptive skiing which is arranged mostly for paralympians attached with an adaptive equipments so that they can ski over and above the mountains with utmost security measures. 

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